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Mohammed Al Nuaimi: What is The Future of Marketing?

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Along with the increasingly high level of digital media consumption, organizations’ expenditure on promotional activities is constantly and dynamically growing and changing.  Unlike the old ways of advertising, organizations have started to look for distinct methods of influencing consumers. One of the most significant trends is the use of the influencer marketing concept.  Recently, influencer marketing has become the hot current strategy for brands looking to improve their reach, increase brand awareness, and boost conversions.

 From here, entrepreneur Mohammed Al Nuaimi says that many leading companies and brands in the world are striving to cooperate with influencers, but this matter has become very expensive in the recent period, adversely affecting the level of expenditures for many entrepreneurs, which spurred them to focus on making clients as influencers.

 This business plan begins, according to Al Nuaimi, by launching a new product and marketing it in precise ways by creating good packaging and trying to customize the customer’s experience.

 Mohammed adds that these steps will push customers to market the product through all social media platforms, which will secure profits for the company without paying additional fees for e-marketing because customers are the influencers in this case.

Written by: Maha Shhadeh 


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