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Rebel Energy Drink is Increasing its Market Share Worldwide

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Global brand Rebel is becoming one of the popular brands while taking over the global market in the industry. Indeed, Rebel Camouflage is raising the bar among other brands, such as Red Bull and Monster. Through strategic price positioning, superior quality, and B vitamin-rich formulas, Rebel Inc. is noticeably increasing its market share worldwide. The global brand is recording high sales numbers through its diverse channel network. Rebel Camouflage sales are estimated to reach 200,000,000 cans per month in the next 6 months.

Rebel Inc. is a health-conscious, functional brand that benefits consumers and cares about their wellbeing. The energy drink manufactured in EU contains less sugar and is rich in essential vitamins and high-quality components. Thus, it is curated for individuals of several age groups and high-performing athletes in multiple safe sports, such as soccer, basketball, biking, swimming, and others.

The global brand has expanded the distribution of its premium energy drink in countries all across the globe, including the USA, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, and more recently, Latin America (mainly El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico). The energy drinks industry is booming and considered one of the fastest-growing markets. According to Research Dive, the global functional beverages market is estimated to generate a revenue of $212,286.10 million by 2028. Considering that they serve as energy fuels, these drinks are in high demand in the beverages industry, especially among high-performing individuals and athletes. Thus, Rebel Camouflage expects to raise its global market share in the upcoming year.

Additionally, after Rebel Inc. had recently announced its unique partnership with international football player Zouhair Feddal, it expanded into the Iberian Peninsula and is entering North Africa soon. Indeed, the new union enabled Rebel to gain popularity quickly in the African market. “The Rebel range is developed in such a way that caters to each market, depending on consumer requirements. By entering the North Africa, we are set on exceeding consumer expectations and embedding the Rebel legacy,” confirmed Founder and CEO Atef Hazime.


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