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Rebel CEO & Founder Atef Hazime: kicking off 2022 with celebrity endorser Zouhair Feddal

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● Promoting the benefits of Rebel energy drink for athletes, as a multivitamin energy booster, within the framework of Rebel’s partnership with renowned football player Zouhair Feddal.

● Amid the booming of the energy drinks industry, Rebel Camouflage aims to increase sales and raise its investments in the upcoming year. 

Rebel Energy is kicking off 2022 with impressive sales growth that is increasing at a remarkable pace in the global market. Within the framework of a favorable partnership, Rebel has selected world-class football player Zouhair Feddal as a celebrity endorser for the brand image.

Rebel Camouflage is considered one of the latest healthy beverages in the global market. The most prominent factors that have accelerated the diffusion of Rebel in additional regions, mainly Europe, are the collaboration with international athlete Zouhair Feddal and the multivitamin, healthy blend of the product, which makes it stand out.

Considering that the Spanish-Moroccan megastar has an impressive online following base, especially on Instagram, social platforms are serving him as a substantial means to intensively and regularly promote the product in an informative way. The international athlete currently plays for the Sporting Clube de Portugal and the Morocco National Team.

“By teaming up with the international star, Zouhair Feddal, we are making a statement that our Rebel energy drink respects athletic performance,” stated Founder and CEO of Rebel Atef Hazime. “There is a noticeable increase in consumer health consciousness, especially after the pandemic. Therefore, it is substantial for us to offer the consumers a product that respects their well-being,” he adds.

Health-conscious promotion of a multivitamin energy booster

Being that Feddal is an international athlete, he is extremely cautious about the healthy facet of the product he promotes and consumes. This is where Rebel serves as a unique choice of an energy booster. As part of the favorable collaboration between Rebel and Feddal, it is crucial to emphasize the exceptional combination that this new energy drink offers: A healthy, fresh, and multivitamin energy booster.

Football is a sport that requires professional players to be in their best shape and peak performance level, especially during important matches. Rebel energy drink contains a host of essential benefits for football players that make sure to improve athletic performance and replenish strength.

With a moderate caffeine dose of 32 mg/100 ml, Rebel energy drink helps increase alertness for the required activities, such as running for several miles or jumping. The reasonable, healthy dose ensures that the level of alertness does not cause unwanted side effects in the nervous system.

Rebel energy drink contains a low level of sugar, which suffices for the required stimulation before a match or an intense training session. Glucose is the best energy source, so athletes need a sufficient yet safe quantity to help them keep their energy levels up for a significant period.

Most importantly, Rebel is infused with essential B-vitamins (Niacin, B12, and B6), which healthily guarantee the desired energy boost. These vitamins can help prevent anemia, which causes fatigue, maintain bone health, and improve brain function.

The great-tasting Rebel energy drink comes in several refreshing flavors: Fresh Mojito, Cranberry, and Tutti Frutti. Rebel also offers a sugar-free option for consumers that are looking to cut down their sugar intake.

Defying ordinary in a booming global market

After almost two years, since the start of 2020, of restrictive COVID-19 pandemic measures, bars, pubs, and restaurants are reopening, and public gatherings are gradually resurfacing. While popular beverage brands, such as Red Bull and Monster Energy, are aware of the potential beverages market spike, Rebel is looking into seizing lucrative opportunities, ultimately making remarkable, record-breaking progress in 2022. As per Allied Market research, “The global energy drinks market size was valued at $53.01 billion in 2018, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.20% to reach $86.01 billion by 2026.”

There is no doubt that energy drink sales are increasing by the year. Thus, Rebel is working on future investments and extending its portfolio in the fast-growing beverages market. Rebel Camouflage sales are estimated to reach 200,000,000 cans per month in the next 6 months.

“We are committed to promoting Rebel as a healthy energy beverages company. We are aware that the global beverages market is becoming increasingly competitive; hence, it is fundamental for us to remain authentic to the Rebel healthy image. Our formula is meticulously curated and developed in such a way to benefit the consumer and their overall well-being,” added Founder and CEO Hazime.












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