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Tobacco International Inc.: 2022 is a promising year with 1 billion shares of common stock

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Global American company Tobacco International Inc. celebrates a new milestone at the outset of 2022. The Delaware-based corporation has announced that it will soon become a public company by issuing 1,000,000,000 shares of common stock. 

The State of Delaware has recently authorized the multinational company to issue the abovementioned number of shares. With increasing success since its establishment, Tobacco International Inc. is now gaining, through this significant step, a pivotal momentum in the global market. 

More importantly, this breakthrough hails the Lebanese Hazime family heritage in the Tobacco Industry that dates back to the 17th century. Ever since its foundation, Founder & CEO of Tobacco International Inc. Atef Hazime, who is of Lebanese descent, has had one main purpose behind the thriving and expansion of his company, the promise to preserve and globally extend his long-running family heritage. 

“2022 is a transitional year for our business. Tobacco International Inc. will soon be offering shares to promising investors in the open market. We are looking to drive towards substantial growth for our business and become more inclusive by allowing investors to take part in the advancement of our global heritage,” announced CEO & Founder Atef Hazime.

Global brand Rebel, which was launched by Hazime earlier last year, has achieved an international presence and recorded growing sales numbers. Through this global brand, Tobacco International Inc. announced in 2021 that its vision lies in a smoke-free world. Therefore, it released its smokeless line with Rebel ‘snus’ products. As opposed to cigarettes and e-cigarettes, the nicotine pouches are not smoked, so the consumer does not exhale smoke, making them a less environmentally damaging alternative. In this regard, as per Mordor Intelligence, the global smokeless tobacco market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.7% by 2024. By investing in the common stocks, investors will not only be contributing to the advancement of this industry but also in the Tobacco International vision that is looking to drive growth as a leading player in a more ethical future.

About Tobacco International Inc.

Tobacco International Inc. is a global American company specialized in tobacco manufacturing that was able to become successful quickly, ultimately expanding worldwide. It has successfully established a global presence through expanding across multiple regions, including Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Its corporate headquarter is located in Delaware, its manufacturing office is in North Carolina, and its operation office is in Florida. 

Founder & CEO Atef Hazime ensures that all products meet world-class standards. The global company provides a unique range of premium tobacco products manufactured exclusively in the United States. All operations and mechanisms that take part in the manufacturing process are under the supervision of Hazime alongside a distinctive board of directors. The latter consists of international trading leaders and experts in the tobacco manufacturing industry.







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