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Businesswoman Ines Harrak: Hypocrisy Invades Digital Platforms

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Over the past few years, social media has become a ubiquitous part of people’s lives. Using various digital platforms is second nature for these so-called digital natives, be it for staying connected with friends, sharing opinions and interests, keeping up-to-date with recent news. Everyone gets a voice on these digital networks, and unfortunately, that includes those with nefarious intentions who use it for hypocrisy and courtesy.


In this context, businesswoman Ines Harrak pointed out that hypocrisy is abundant in all facets of human social media life. Many express prominent opinions in discussions and meetings, follow a fashion trend they do not fancy or adhere to regulations they disagree with.  


Ines added that social hypocrisy has inaugurated to epitomize itself in its digital form due to susceptible access to modern means of communication, and she asserted, “If your social media persona does not match your real life, you are a social media hypocrite”. When we put on a face for the public that does not have a close resemblance to our actual lives, we make other people believe we have something we do not have.


According to Harrak, hypocrisy is no longer a weird quirk for some to attain their goals, so that the claim of lying as being truthful and the embellishment of words and behaviours to fulfil wicked intentions and satisfy others becomes an ordinary phenomenon despite its contradiction with positive societal values.

Ines concluded that “ the disease of the age,” as she said, can only be confronted with awareness and wisdom to stave off this category of hypocrites from attaining popularity by illegal means.

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