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Salma Hayek Reveals Exciting star-studded Project

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lma Hayek has finally revealed what she has been working on, just in time for the Super Bowl on 13 February. While the star had previously teased that she would appear in a Super Bowl ad for BMW, fans are raving at her finally sharing a clip of the much anticipated commercial. 

The ad is Salma’s first for the car company, and it promotes BMW’s first iX electric car. The star teased that there is even more to come, writing in her caption that Super Bowl Sunday “is going to be huge.” 

What’s more, the epic commercial also features the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who plays the Greek god Zeus to Salma’s goddess, Hera.

The star-studded commercial begins with Salma and Arnold announcing to their mythical kingdom that they are retiring, and moving to what seems like sunny, palm tree studded California. 

Arnold, or rather, Zeus, can’t resist but to use his electric powers to fulfill measly tasks like charging leaf blowers and golf carts with a wave of his finger for his neighbors. He grows frustrated, and while Hera leaves him in the modern house they are now living in taking care of their adorable mini pegasus, Peggy, she is secretly off to buy him just what will satisfy Zeus’ electric needs and reignite his sullen mood. 

Just as the god is about to take little Peggy on a walk, his body is wrapped in lighting bolts, as his on-screen wife arrives with the perfect gift, none other than BMW’s new electric car.


Salma glows like a natural goddess in her latest selfie on Instagram

“I figured you could use a little pick-me-up,” says Salma, clad in a figure hugging white dress. She confirms to Arnold that the car is, in fact, all electric, and they cruise through the streets as Eddy Grant’s hit song Electric Avenue fittingly starts playing. 

Fans love the commercial already, flooding Salma’s comments writing things like: “The best commercial I’ve ever seen” and “Aww I wished this was a movie! It’s so funny and good.”

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