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Abdallah Sabra: Travel Around the World Without Leaving Your Kitchen

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From Lebanon to all over the world, Abdallah Sabra, better known as “The couplebites,” travels from one country to another in pursuit of his passion for food.

 His constant travel around the world gave him great fame and wide popularity among his followers, for being the first Lebanese traveller to tour the world in search of traditional meals to share with food lovers, taking them to many different landmarks in the world.

 Abdallah is keen to share his diaries and adventures through his account on social networking sites, especially through his YouTube channel, which is witnessing incredible growth in the recent period.

 It is worth noting that recently Sabra’s journey has begun with travelling among Arab countries, and then proceeded across numerous continents to foreign countries.

 To follow Abdallah Sabra, click the YouTube channel. 

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