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Fatina Daher: Healthy Foods That Are Incredibly Cheap

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The features of the economic and social crisis in Lebanon began to loom in late 2019; the Lebanese currency has lost up to 90% of its value, and prices have soared up. This financial deterioration has adversely affected the Lebanese’s standard of living in parallel with the Corona pandemic and political crisis which forced the Lebanese people to fight a daily battle for survival. 

In this context, Fatina Daher, known as ” Fatinas_recipes” on her Instagram, confirmed that the lives of Lebanese families have been turned upside down and deteriorated where they became obliged to change their lifestyles.

  Fatina Daher took the initiative to present cheap nutritional recipes through her account, by replacing expensive ingredients with others close to them and cheaper, aiming to help a vast number of Lebanese people who were adversely affected by the economic crisis.

This initiative was met with a positive reaction by her followers who ascertained that Fatina Daher is the best representative of Lebanese women, especially in light of the hazardous circumstances the country is going through.

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