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Dr Ahmad Jbara Explains the Difference Between Veneers, Crowns and Bridges

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Cosmetic dentistry is witnessing a remarkable development during the last decades, as it contains recent and advanced methods and techniques to address various dental problems in effective and guaranteed ways.


In this regard, Dr Ahmad Jbara sheds light on three well-known cosmetic techniques: veneers, crowns and bridges.


Veneers are tooth-shaped sheets of translucent porcelain that are applied to front teeth to improve the colour, shape and strength of teeth. Veneers are great options for patients with chipped, cracked or stained teeth. Applying veneers is much less intrusive than crown or bridgework.


On the other hand, Jbara elucidates that crowns are artificial tooth-tops that are used to strengthen teeth that have been weakened by decay or breakage. They may also be implemented following a root canal. Crowns are custom made and look just like your natural teeth and form a beautiful smile especially worthy of each individual.


In conclusion, Dr Ahmad talks about bridges, saying that the bridge is a mold that is designed from special materials in the form of full teeth attached to one another, and used to replace one or more missing teeth. It is considered permanent and cannot be removed. There are a variety of different bridges available, depending on your oral health needs, and when properly cared for, a bridge can last for many years.

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