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US Sanctions Target Russian elites, Putin’s Spokesperson

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The United States will sanction Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, as well as one of Russia’s richest men, Alisher Usmanov, according to the White House.


Germany had already seized Usmanov’s superyacht, and the White House said both the boat and Usmanov’s private jet — which it said was one of the largest privately-owned aircraft in Russia — would be blocked for use in the U.S. or by Americans.

“These are significant steps that will impact the people who are closely around President Putin,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters.”We want him to feel the squeeze. We want the people around him to feel the squeeze.”

President Joe Biden touched on the latest U.S. actions against Russia at the top of the fourth Cabinet meeting of his administration, saying the steps his administration and its allies have already taken are having a “profound impact.”


Biden said the Russian oligarchs being sanctioned “line their pockets with Russian people’s money and while Ukraine and the people are hiding in subways from missiles that are being fired indiscriminately from Russian cities.”

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