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Dareen el Samarany: Freeze Your Eggs for Fertility Preservation

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We all know that science has reached a very advanced stage where almost everything is possible.

Dareen El Samarany, founder of Face of Dee has gone for eggs freezing, a process in which a woman’s eggs (oocytes) are extracted, frozen and stored as a method to preserve reproductive potential in women of reproductive age. 

Dareen claimed that with the fast and running lifestyle we live these days, so many women and am one of them consider that the marriage idea may have to be postponed for a later stage of our lives. Freezing eggs can be a good solution. It is a personal decision that she made and she encourages every woman who has the lifestyle she has or believes the way she does to go for it. It’s a very smooth, safe and secured procedure.

In this context, Dareen deciphered that eggs freezing is a normal procedure that can be done at any age and the better is before the age of 40 when the fertility and the quality of the eggs are still healthy and better.

Dareen added that eggs freezing is a kind of mind relieving that a woman can always have kids anytime she wants. Even if you get married late, the cryopreserved eggs will be used if needed.

According to Dareen, this issue should be addressed more in our society to highlight its importance.  Many women didn’t know about it, and they got married a bit later than usual and found difficulties getting pregnant.

Dareen emphasized that eggs freezing is somehow life-changing, it gives security feeling that’s why she decided to do it at a young age to guarantee this because she is a person who believes in science and medical updates. She has a busy schedule and feels that at the moment she is not ready to get married and get pregnant but she never wants to miss the chance.

On another note, freezing ur eggs is somehow a safe guarantee to whatever complications a woman may face once she’s trying to get married. The sooner you freeze your eggs, the healthier they are. The most crucial is to be done in a trustworthy place, with the right doctor. 

Dareen proclaimed that she did it in Dubai and she believes it’s better to go for it than regret not to have done it at a later stage! Dareen feels that she did an excellent move and there is nothing called time for having a kid for her. At the moment, she is not ready for commitment and getting pregnant that’s why she found this as a perfect step.

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