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Business magnate Atef Hazime reveals new partnership with leading company Bonboncha

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As March 2022 is drawing to an end, renowned entrepreneur and businessman Atef Hazime, who is of Lebanese descent, unveils a new, favoring cooperation with the international bubble tea chain Bonboncha. Through this collaboration, Hazime is acquiring 25% of the Taiwanese brand. Indeed, Bonboncha is set to become the leading bubble tea retailer worldwide.

The acclaimed Bubble Tea chain is the boutique brand of Taiwanfood, one of the biggest bubble tea suppliers in Europe. It provides the necessary set of raw materials, machinery, and tools for bubble tea stores. The parent company has distribution channels in Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Bonboncha offers 100% Taiwanese bubble tea, made out of tea leaves exclusively collected from mountains in Taiwan such as Alishan, hence the exceptional flavor and excellent quality. It has franchises in several countries, including France, Hungary, Budapest, Belgium, Portugal, Qatar, and many more.

Established in 2017, Bonboncha was born out of the Taiwanese co-founders’ love for Bubble Tea. The name itself conveys this passion as ‘bon bon cha’ means ‘excellent tea’ in Chinese. The wonderful-tasting drink initially targeted young people, especially kids, who make up the highest percentage of consumers. Bonboncha’s identity is youthful and dynamic. All products have a vivid, multi-colored design that reflects the brand’s joyful message and makes it stand out in the market.

As for its wide array of products, the Taiwanese beverage ranges from tea, milk tea, smoothie, fresh milk, fruit tea to brown sugar. Drinks come in a multitude of flavors and different toppings, such as mango, coconut, grape, pineapple, and many more. A few of its top 12 popular drinks are the Bonboncha Boba Milk Tea, Coconut Jelly Milk Tea, and Brown Sugar Milk Cover. The brand is always keen on ensuring continuous menu innovation by diversifying its menu with seasonal drinks.

Bonboncha’s vision mainly consists of offering excellent tea-based beverages and making the unique brand thrive worldwide through strategic, global expansion. The company aims to reach a total of 100 shops in Europe by June 2022. “The Bubble Tea industry is a promising, growing market. Tasty tea-based drinks serve as an optimal addition, for they offer substantial benefits. They help boost energy levels and contribute to releasing stress. The global franchise Bonboncha is a youthful, positive brand that is creating an inclusive community by significantly expanding its market globally throughout 2022.” announced Hazime.

Lebanese-born Atef Hazime is a visionary businessman and entrepreneur with a prominent global presence. He is the founder and CEO of the American, multinational company Tobacco International Inc. specialized in tobacco manufacturing, which he officially established in 2019 in Delaware. Hazime is also renowned for founding the global brand Rebel, a health-conscious, functional beverage that benefits consumers and cares about their wellbeing under a unique motto, ‘Defy ordinary’. The energy drink manufactured in the EU contains less sugar and is rich in essential vitamins and high-quality components.

Additionally, Hazime is the Founder and CEO of the leading retail and manufacturing company, American Household, launched in 2004 in Detroit, Michigan.







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