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Hussein Safwan: A Lebanese Hairstylist’s Journey of Creativity

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Any time you choose something to dedicate your time to, the level of passion you have for it will impact your success. Passion for your profession can help you succeed in any business you choose. When you have a profound love and concern for what you do, your endeavour will be far more momentous and enjoyable. As a hairstylist, you should have a passion for beauty and enjoy making others look and feel their best.


Hussein Safwan is one of the most-recognized hairstylists that has been adorning everyone with his innovations and masterpieces. His relentless passion and indisputable talent for cutting and colouring have made him one of the most sought-after names in the industry. 


Safwan asserts that hairstyling is his passion. It is more than something to gaze at and move on, but is a piece of art to influence lives every day. He can alter a plain haircut into a moving and flowing work of art. The tools that we learn can be changed and combined with countless combinations to make beautiful hair. To see someone look at themselves and smile gives him the most satisfaction imaginable.


Hussein believes that hairstyling is an art feature and that creativity is a hefty part of the process. Being ingenious can help you please your clients and become a successful hairstylist. Imaginative hairstylists envision what cut, style, and colour would go well with the other physical features of their clients 


 Hussein Safwan recalls one of his masterpieces, a high-class bride whose wedding event was contemplated among the heftiest and most prestigious in Lebanon and the Arab world as depicted by the French media, due to its supremacy and the wide echoes that it created in terms of preparations, decoration and organization, with the splendour of the bride, which Safwan excelled in styling her.


 This wedding helped Safwan to gain more popularity; his reputation ascended him to master hairstyles of both society and celebrity alike and to receive various offers from abroad, especially in Europe, to depict the latest hairstyles with his ingenious creative pinches. 


To view the royal bride’s view signed by the creative hairstylist Hussein Safwan:

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