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It’s official HORENZOH Who we know as top-models, DJs, Designers in the biggest agencies in the world who have collaborated with the biggest clothing brands, the biggest magazines and work with the biggest artists in the world has signed a management deal with the famous producer BALLAH.


  BALLAH who has worked with many Latino and American celebrities with collaborations with the artist JAMBY EL FAVO, KEVIN ROLDAN, GOLPE A GOLPE, FALSETTO And many others between Colombia and the United States he conquered the world


  BALLAH has stood out in the world of music and art thanks to his professionalism and his atypical and avant-garde side


  HORENZOH and BALLAH Collaborated for years together he was the first Manager of HORENZOH And opened the doors of music to him


  HORENZOH has decided to entrust his career and all the artistic direction music mode art to BALLAH, he is currently preparing HORENZOH’s album, with incredible collaboration, and a lot of projects in music + Art 


  Stay tuned the two men are planning big things

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