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Dr. Rami Abadi: Dermal Fillers…Tips to Achieve Successful Outcomes

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In a world where nothing is impossible, hyaluronic acid fillers have become a sought-after rejuvenation procedure due to their ability to soften facial creases, remove wrinkles and offer a youthful look by fighting the nightmare of ageing that haunts many people. We always ensure natural outcomes with the full face approach to lift and contour the face. 


In this context, Dr. Rami Abadi, general and cosmetic dermatologist, a well-known expert on the field and international trainer, provided a set of tips about the latest filler procedures.


At first, Dr. Rami Abadi deciphered that the dermal filler is composed of hyaluronic acid formulated to be injected beneath the skin to add volume and fullness. This technique has undergone numerous changes where it is no longer restricted to getting rid of fine lines only, but it can help transform your appearance. It is used to lift and contour the face and enhance beauty in a natural way. Dermal fillers can plump up your skin, rejuvenate and restore its elasticity; raise your cheeks and define your chin and jawline, which creates an appearance of a youthful and contoured face.


On the other hand, Dr. Rami Abadi emphasized the necessity to choose the right qualified licenced center and expert to inject filler regardless of the expense as a top priority. He also reinforced that it is always recommended to be performed by certified professional expert in this arena who know what they are doing to ensure the success of this process. He also recommended to always make sure the product used is an FDA approved and high quality product. It is a combination of a certified injector, a high quality product, and a patient that has realistic expectations that helps ensure the success of the procedure. 


Dr. Rami Abadi practices in Lebanon, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and visits Abidjan in the Ivory Coast on a regular basis. He is known for training physicians in the regions and internationally. He is a trainer for Allergan Aesthetics and Juvederm Fillers. He has trained 1,000’s of Doctors around the world. He travels on a regular basis to share his experience in the field of aesthetics. 

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