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Ines Harrak: A Woman Who Drives Positive Change in the Middle East

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A tremendously independent, determined and innovative businesswoman, Inas HarraK maintains a leading stance all over the world, as she is vigorously involved in various national, social, economic, and sports aspects.


Ines Harrak is a role model of inspiration to myriad women in Tunisia in particular and the Arab world in general. With her massive enthusiasm and intelligence, she can keep on pushing herself harder to partake in all fields of public affairs, and she can transfer her enthusiasm to everyone, to inspire women in the Arab world to work hard to fulfil their dreams. 


It was remarkable what we followed up in the last period when Ines Harrak visited several districts to participate in conferences and events in which she presented in piece her experience within the security of the World Cup in Qatar.


Ines Harrak is one of the modern-day examples of a woman who is running things on her own terms and juggling any pressure. She can break the status quo every day, change perceptions and give hope to every woman in the Arab world. She presents the honourable portrayal of Arab women’s attainments to the nation.

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