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Dr Ahmad Jbara talks about E-max Veneers

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E-max veneers are one of the latest treatments of today’s aesthetic dentistry, as the materials inside the veneers contribute to having a more aesthetic and vibrant appearance.


In this context, Dr Ahmad Jbara talked about this therapeutic technique, explaining that it has various features. First of all, it provides high light transmittance, thus it offers a non-matte, transparent and close to a natural appearance. It is also characterized by a variety of colour options, allowing the selection of the closest tone to the natural teeth.


On the other hand, Jbara pointed out that this formula does not contain minerals, it is safely used in patients with metal allergies and does not create a taste of metal in the mouth, and also confirmed that veneer is biocompatible, so it does not cause gum recession.


In the same context, Dr Ahmad added that veneer has numerous and various uses, due to its natural appearance and compatibility with life, it is used continuously in the design of the Hollywood smile, and it is also used to treat deformities and fractures in the front teeth and is one of the first preferred methods to provide the aesthetic and healthy appearance of teeth that are not properly balanced, as well as its role in correcting the colour of teeth, treating damage in small molars and eliminating short gaps between teeth.

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