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Businessman Hamada Elsaeed Highlights the Shift to Online Shopping

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Social networking sites have played a key role in the evolution of the e-commerce business over the last few decades. The ease of access, the fast-paced shopping and time consumption that it offers to the customers is helping the world of finance and business to grow rapidly where the creation of an online store or commerce of any service or product through the virtual world has become the promising investment idea that can be done at the moment.


In this context, Egyptian businessman Hamada Elsaeed pointed out that this type of trade has significant explicit implications for the benefit of the buyer and the seller, it enables the seller to reduce costs to increase the rate of profit in light of the savings he gets compared to the preparation of a store on the ground, in addition to reducing the time and effort exerted by the customer, so that it requires only browsing some websites and selecting the right ones.


Hamada augmented that online stores do not compel a hefty budget to ascertain them, as it can be for an allegorical amount or sometimes free of charge, which enhances their spread and expansion globally.


Hamada Elsaeed pointed out that e-commerce allows the consumer to get meticulous information about the product, in addition to being apt to know the feedback of clients about the service provided through the product evaluation feature available on most platforms.


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