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Businesswoman Ines Harrak:The Problematique of the Arab Brain Drain

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In recent years, the Arab Labor Organization has estimated the annual losses to Arab countries of at least 2200 billion as a result of brain drain. 


In this context, businesswoman Ines Harrak pinpointed that this dilemma has become a pivotal component that widened the economic, social and political gap between Arab countries and other regions globally, negatively reflected on the capacity of Arab neighbourhoods to develop, and curbed their human potential.


Ines Harrak deciphered that the fundamental incentives that led to the immigration of high-skilled professionals Arab in the current epoch are reflected in the scarcity of appreciation in their homelands, the meagre stipends they receive, as well as the lack of interest in scientific research in supreme regions of the Arab world.


In a related context, Ines Harrak also emphasized that the Arab countries should not stand mystified in the face of this crisis, but they should provide a pertinent environment for scientific research, ingenuity and innovation for their scientists, in addition to the importance of defending their patents and intellectual rights and supporting them in miscellaneous ways, as well as providing work vacancies for their distinct specialities.


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